QLD Fishing Report

Brought to you by Compleat Angler Mackay:

Inshore and Offshore Anglers have been greeted with reasonable seas, Spanish mackerel captures, plenty of whale sightings and a reasonable amount of sweetlip to add to the fish box. Inshore a night fish along the rubble bottom near Hay Point and Dalrymple Bay has resulted in snapper when jigging with knife jigs. The same area spotty mackerel have been taken of the bottom while on the drift for sweetlip. Plenty of bait there as well in the way of squid, herring and stripy. West Point of Brampton Island another spot to hunt for mackerel at the moment, bait up with pilchard on gang hook. Tides will be hard to fish offshore until next Wednesday due the amount of run, so a beach fish is recommended around high tide. Strip gar, mullet, ribbonfish or quality prawn and lobby bait to target grunter, trevally and flathead. Southern End of Blacks Beach, mouth of McCreadys Ck Slade Point side and Lamberts beach for nearby spots. The creeks have been patchy with Reliance favoured for flathead and grunter, Murray for grunter, whiting and flathead out the front. Might be worth a drift fish for grunter using strip bait along the channel between Rabbit and Mud Island.

Good Luck.

Bruce Nash