QLD Fishing Report

Brought to you by Compleat Angler Mackay:

You have to admire the patience and resilience of our fisherman that have had to wait out the weather patens we’ve had so far this year. School holidays are upon us meaning beaches and creeks are the go to keep the billy lids entertained. Whiting are a bit thin in numbers so far however a fish at night along Bucasia, Eimeo, Shoal Point, and McEwens Beach on the incoming tide with lobby and worm bait should get you a feed. Silver bream have been the stand out performer along the rock walls in the Pioneer River and Harbour break walls. Chicken gut and a unweighted strip of pillie working well. Bluies are responding well to mantis shrimp bait fished of the Northern face of Slade Island, the eastern side of Newry Island, Wedge Island, Victor Islet and Freshwater Point. Keep the crabpots handy there’s still some around on the bigger tides. Herring bait is plentiful in the creeks which goes hand and hand for the queenfish found along the rock walls and headlands. Spanish still dominate the pelagic species offshore around the Patch of Wigton, Calder and Nth Overfall.

Good Luck.

Bruce Nash