QLD Fishing Report

Brought to you by Compleat Angler Mackay:

Every creek and stream are swollen and running brown at the moment. The trick to catching barra in those conditions is to find backwater of the main stream this is where barra sit in ambush. Vibes and 90-100mm suspending lures with inbuilt rattles with induce a strike. Threadfin salmon, tarpon and put the pots in can be a surprise catch as well. All our major creeks in the area produce backwater conditions mainly accessible by boat. The Goose Ponds will have the kids thrashing the water with lures for barra, it’s one spot they can fish from the bank in safety and any tilapia caught must not be returned to the water. The dams present a challenge at the moment with water temperature cooler than expected, find 25ºF or warmer and you’ll find the fish. Keep the option open for an offshore fish in the deeper water around Calder, Knight, Snare Peak and Snare Rocks. Trout and nannygai are your target with a big chance of trolling up a Spanish mackerel around both Snare Peak and Rocks.

Good Luck.

Bruce Nash