QLD Fishing Report

Brought to you by Compleat Angler Mackay:

We have an interesting month ahead of us, so far plenty of rain with more forecast and another blue moon month producing 6.4m tides, so too say it could be interesting is an understatement. Flesh bait is the go when the water is dirty. Strip mullet, herring, gar or ribbonfish are getting results on barra, jacks, salmon, trevally and tarpon at the mouths of  Cape Palmerston, Bakers, Pioneer, Constant, Mathers, Blackrock and Rabbit Island creek. For lures dark colours with rattles are the go fished right on the bottom around snags. Encouraging to hear of a few whiting being caught on clear poppers with a prawn like paten(Yakamito)and small pencil stick baits(sugar pen). Nail your crabpots down this month with the tidal flow although results will be there along the mudflats and rock walls if you persevere. Some anglers were surprised with a catch of small school mackerel around the four and six mile patch which is late season for them. St Bees and Keswick Island 17 nautical mile N/East is where you need to be for cleaner water for the prized table fish of trout, sweetlip and nannygai. Freefall or flutter jigs(80gm Yakamito Rager)has worked recently then bump it up to 100-120gm for the shipping channel.

Good Luck.

Bruce Nash