QLD Fishing Report

Brought to you by Compleat Angler Mackay:

Cast netting for prawns is still a good option in most creeks, don’t forget the ice to maintain quality. Crab numbers have been reasonable in the same areas, ice won’t hurt on them as well. We have a 6m tide everyday this coming week so to catch a whiting, bream and flathead out that much run stick to the points of the rock walls and the sand bars as the tide starts to cover them. The ‘V” in the Pioneer, Cullen Island and the flats between the Ron Camm and Hospital Bridges. Inshore, good anchorages along the Goldsmiths and Farrier for an overnight trip to target sweetlip, black spot tusk fish and on the surface for a late season mackerel and tuna. The western side of Cocklemouth Island along the reef line for coral trout and stripy while on the Eastern end there’s a great current line to troll or float out a ribbonfish for a marauding Spanish mackerel. For a bit of sport fishing trolling the current lines in the shipping channel for sailfish and black marlin is a good way to break the boredom when cruising to and from the inner reef. A planned reef trip will have you fishing in places to avoid the run, on the ends or adjacent to the channels. Trout are dominating at the moment.

Good Luck.

Bruce Nash