QLD Fishing Report

Brought to you by Compleat Angler Mackay:

Since the last report, our tides have improved the water clarity to an extent that it is just right for cast netting for prawns during the new moon. Net the last hour of the run out tide which happens to be before daybreak in the front of Constant, Murray, Cluny, Mathers and Seaforth to the north while Bakers, Grasstree, Plane, Dawsons, Rocky Dam and Cape Palmerston to the south. Crab all those areas for muddies, reports are good leading into Christmas. Sharks have been an issue fishing the reefs and deeper water around the channels and islands. In most cases you’ll get your 2-3 fish then have to move to save gear and not waste good fish to predators. With the tides dropping back over the next week, hit the points of Coles and Gable Reefs on the top of the tide for your trout and sweetlip also float a live bait out for a roaming Spanish mackerel. Can I suggest if you have visitors stopping with you over the festive season encourage them to bring kayaks as the Pioneer River, especially Platypus Beach at Mirani and cattle Creek are in their prime since the rain. The main fish is sooty grunter with the odd barra, catfish and ells as variety. Yakamito soft vibes in a dark paten goes well otherwise a garden worm under a float for a bait alternative.

Good Luck.

Bruce Nash