QLD Fishing Report

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It has been a tough week leading up to this weekend, many anglers were hoping to take advantage of the full moon tides , mother nature had other ideas. Looking ahead the Spanish mackerel are still there for anyone who wants to put in the effort, while king salmon, bream and grunter are the may stay in the creeks. Singapore Rock off Keswick Island, nearby St Bees, Round Top Island are the Spanish spots while trolling garfish, try to fish the weather face of these places if the seas allow it. The Mackay Gamefish Club have re-scheduled the ‘Great Northern’ Mackerel Shootout for the father’s day weekend, timely with the amount of mackerel around, also the club is starting to ramp up their billfish search which will improve as the year progresses. The Harbour Breakwall continues to offer surprises to our southern visitors with yellowtail trevally falling victim to a well presented prawn bait. Silver bream have been taken from the “V” in the Pioneer River also from the front of Murray Creek, preferred bait is strip mullet, ribbonfish and lobbies on #1 gang hooks. The mouths of Rocky Dam Creek, Cape Palmerston and Notch Point all have recorded king salmon catches while using strip ribbon fish bait and whole herring, while local angler Jarrod Elias got it right catching a 122cm salmon while luring with a 3-1/2’’ Reflection Bammer, WOW. I know my life expectancy has been shortened after reporting that, no secrets in fishing I thought. Good Luck!

Bruce Nash

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