QLD Fishing Report

Brought to you by Compleat Angler Mackay:

It’s been a tough week for a lot of anglers however there is always a few who buck the odds with catches to make the rest of us jealous. While the northerlies have brought in hot weather which is being experienced throughout the state, most of our action has been in the creeks and for another week salmon, flathead, jacks, barra, fingermark made up most catches while out the front bluies were targeted  along the headlands with some success. Banana prawn bait still preferred over most other bait options while in the creeks live herring or slab ribbonfish, gar or mullet has worked. We are seeing a slight increase in the smaller mackerel numbers which is usual for this time of year. The rock reefs and current lines out the front of Shoal Point, Eimeo, Danger, Hay Point and the grounds of Sarina fished with a pilchard on gang hooks is the tried and proven way however spinning with the latest technology with rod and reels and lures proves to be something very different and exciting. If you want to catch more mackerel than your mate, stick to mono line over braid as its stretch is the secret to holding fish. Word just in has Teemburra and Peter Faust Dam arcing up with most fish being caught and released in Teemburra around the mid 80cm while Faust is offering plenty of high 80cm and an increasing amount of the magic meter fish. Lure in 3m of water amongst the smaller upright timber, and don’t forget to hang on.

Good Luck.

Bruce Nash