QLD Fishing Report

Brought to you by Compleat Angler Mackay:

The last couple of days has been the best weather wise for the past week allowing anglers to nail some inshore and offshore mackerel and grunter fingermark and salmon up the creeks. The whiting scene has been quiet however the couple I have seen caught have been snogers, the best part of 35cm from bakers Creek on squid strips. Mixed bags coming from the Shipping Channel, sweetlip, nannygai, cod and strippers, while the catches of trout, sweetlip and Spanish mackerel have come from Parker, Credlin and Coles Reefs. Anglers who used cuttlefish heads seem to have the advantage over other baits. Inshore along the current lines in particular off the rocky points have seen some solid runs when fished live baits, the theory without seeing the culprits has either sharks, longtail tuna or Spanish mackerel and in some cases spooling the reels of 150m of 30lb braid before the disappointment of looking at an empty spool for no result. Bait schools of herring have been thick in places but not consistent to the same area each day. Grunter, salmon and fingermark are the go too creeks species for another week. Jerkbait soft plastics jigged around the holes at Glendower Point is giving results or fresh prawn is a good bait alternative. Which reminds me to take note of the tv adds that recommend the use of local caught or bait prawn sold at tackle shop so as to stop the spread of white spot before it becomes a bigger problem.

Good Luck.

Bruce Nash