QLD Fishing Report

Brought to you by Compleat Angler Mackay:

Whether you’re visiting our great town or a local, next week’s tides will suit all, as they are one off the smallest of the month before building up to the full on the 18th. Many anglers find our region hard to fish on the full and new moon, sometimes associated with 6m tides, on the other side, our small and building tides offer some of the best fishing found anywhere on the Eastern seaboard in my biased opinion. Offshore Spanish mackerel and cobia are on the increase. Local tackle stores have ribbonfish which is prime Spanish bait either trolled or floated under the current lines. The patch of Wigton Island is a hot spot on small tides for 10kg Spanish, ribbonfish and garfish prime bait while on the other side of the Island, Southern end, school and spotty mackerel will be in the current lines, best method spinning “live bait” lures. Once again using braid on these tides, the shipping channel will be popular for large mouth nannygai, sweetlip and cod. It’s common to see whales now with their calves when travelling offshore, that’s a bonus for any trip. A handful of yellowtail trevally have been taken off the Harbour Breakwall, so get your yabbies, prawn, squid or pilchard bait ready. Ribbonfish when cut into strips during winter is a prime bait for grunter, flathead, king and queen salmon. Fish the sand gutters out the front of Landing, Constant, Wharf, Rocky Dam Creeks and Cape Palmerston. Good Luck. Stop the press: Get the crab-pots working.

Bruce Nash

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