QLD Fishing Report

Brought to you by Compleat Angler Mackay:

Once again the creeks and estuaries have been the savour for local anglers with king and blue salmon along with grunter and flathead making up the catches with the odd whiting. Constant and Murray Ck. have been the stand out places while Reliance and the front of Wharf and Bobongies Ck in Sand Bay have produced grunter, king salmon and flathead on the last lot of neap tides. Strip wolf herring bait the most popular while gar strips and lobbies a good backup. As we kick September of with a full moon next Wednesday, continue with the strip bait maybe include mullet strip and 120mm soft vibes for the jewfish and fingermark of the marina breakwaters Hay point included, remembering sea access can be the only way to fish the holes. September is a month to expect northerly winds therefore increasing our catches in the small mackerel species and for the sportfisherman and gamefisherman will welcome the presence of the offshore billfish. The Shipping Channel will be popular any time the seas allow us to fish a 50m depth for nannygai and reddies otherwise 20-30m for the trout and sweetlip. It might pay to look in some of the Island bays for queenfish, Knight, Scawfell, Brampton and Carlisle Islands spinning with popper lures from the kick of the incoming tide the most popular method, chrome splices a good backup when needed.

Good Luck.

Bruce Nash