QLD Fishing Report

Brought to you by Compleat Angler Mackay:

Mackerel are one of the in season fish at the moment, also being early in the season anglers have to work for their catch, as bag limits have not yet been realised. The odd Spanish has been found amongst the bait schools of garfish, herring and yellow tail pike aka sennett. Best catches have come from live baiting under a float especially the sennett. The odd angler has had the mind to send those live baits to the bottom where catches of 80cm to 130cm jewfish resulted. The northern face of Rabbit, Outer Newry, Roundtop and Bailey Islands are producing best. The shoals of Bailey and Three Rocks are producing bigger than average grunter on strip baits. Closer inshore now, snapper reports have originated from the usual haunts of Hay Point, squid and pilchard doing the best. Whiting still dominate the sand estuaries especially at night while using yabbies, while upstream of Reliance Creek catches of blue salmon are being taken on strip gar and mullet. With the good quality chicken gut bait available at the moment this will entice any quality bream out of hiding in the snags. During the school holidays, if you take the family on a two hour drive west to Lake Elphinstone you would be well rewarded with a feed of red claw and the unusual sleepy cod.

Good Luck.

Bruce Nash