QLD Fishing Report

Brought to you by Compleat Angler Mackay:

Local anglers are very appreciative off what mackerel catches have made the dinner table, as sea conditions have shortened up any idea of making a day out of it. They have arrived on queue with mainly spotty and school mackerel working the bait of Roundtop Island with the odd Spanish thrown in. Over the next week or so work the current lines around Taffy Island and the rocks of Shoal Point and Eimeo. It’s a pretty safe bet to gear up with gang hooks and pilchard bait otherwise spinning at speed, chrome splices if you want to cover more area. With these mackerel, Mack tuna (kawa kawa) have fell victim to the mackerel method with Landbased anglers fishing the Southern Breakwater reporting catches. The flesh makes for a excellent reef bait. Bakers Ck, Reliance Ck and Smalley’s Beach have been the pick of the whiting spots so far with yabbies being preferred over worm and small prawn bait. Grunter and salmon are the fish of choice while baiting up with strip gar, mullet or ribbonfish if you can get them, in Constant and Murray Ck. Kayaking is a favourite pastime during the cooler months and to catch Saratoga and sooty grunter there is no better place than the creeks that cross the old Sarina/Marlborough and Blue Mountain Roads. Spinnerbaits, poppers and 50mm shallow running minnow lures, all of the darker coloured variety works a treat.

Good Luck.

Bruce Nash