QLD Fishing Report

Brought to you by Compleat Angler Mackay:

Now that we are in the month of June, signalling the start of our winter season, this has all anglers excited for a couple of reasons. Water colour is back and the species that follow the cooler currents. Offshore the Spanish mackerel are still schooled up in selected areas, Snare Rocks, Three Rocks and the Patch of Wigton which is known for 10kg fish, the best eating size. Another week or so the inshore Islands will be worth a shot. Reports of an early season snapper has filtered through from the Beverly group South of Sarina. In another week or two they will sought out from the Lead markers into the coal Jetties, and the Four and Six Mile Patch east of Mackay Harbour. Reflextion jerkbait soft plastics and Yakamito soft vibes will make a big impact otherwise best baits are cuttlefish heads, squid and local fresh prawn with prawn shells the best burly. A few whiting have been bagged in the Pioneer River at night on yabby bait. Blue salmon should start showing up at Cape Palmerston, front of Rocky Dam Ck and Glendower Point also a known spot for fingermark and mangrove jack this time of year. Walking or kayaking the freshwater streams up Mia Mia and Mirani way for sooty grunter is still a hot item. A stealth approach is required while using silent vibes at the moment with the water so clear.

Good Luck.

Bruce Nash