QLD Fishing Report

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You could say that fishing in March was a challenge, what with the preceding rain before, and cyclone Debbie then the following storm on Wednesday which topped of the flood conditions. My view is the benefits over the next couple of years out way the flood waters presently felt. There are some species of fish rely on getting from the fresh to the salt to spawn and all our creek and river systems need a flush, practically out at the mouths so to maximise the flow further upstream. As we lead into Easter, all eyes will be looking at what the weather is doing so as too, or not allow the outdoor activities planned along with the small tides. Offshore waters have not had enough time to clean so you will need to be along the shipping channel for the cleaner stuff. Barras like the present conditions therefore the fish to hunt at the moment. Several have taken lures at the Three Sisters near Lamberts Beach and the Harbours Northern Beach. Dark in colour, with a hard vibe or rattle worked at 3m gets the job done. Species to encounter from the mouth to upstream of the creeks are barra, salmon, trevally, mangrove jack, catfish and fingermark on the bigger tides. For those who like a feed of crab they will definitely be out of their holes to feed out on the mudflats and deeper water where it is the saltiest. Sooty grunter are well worth an effort in the upper freshwater creeks, spinner baits would be lure of choice.

Good Luck.

Bruce Nash

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