QLD Fishing Report

Brought to you by Compleat Angler Mackay:

If the number of posts on social media about nannygai frames to be given away as crabpot bait are to go by, offshore fishing has been at its best. Good weather has allowed boats to venture past the shipping channel to the inner reefs to extract their catches. Nannygai, trout, red throat emperor and Spanish mackerel dominated catches in 40m of water over shoaly country. While pilchard and squid worked as baits, jigging flat fall lures accounted for the majority of fish before being lost to sharks which signified a more to more productive grounds. Prince, Alarm and Chauvel Reefs fared the best and as I stated at the top all areas fired even anglers who fished the inshore islands on a day trip had success. The number of schools of tuna and smaller species of mackerel surprised anglers as well. Our local hotspot, the Southern Breakwall at the Harbour produced for visiting Landbased anglers in the way of queenfish and yellowtail trevally falling victim to a well presented endeavour prawn or multiple yabbies on a 5/0 long shank hook. Plenty of prawn over the mud flats around the Seaforth creeks which have been used as live bait along with mullet for the barra Rabbit Island Creek, Mathers, Murray and south to the creeks feed by Sand Bay including Constant Creek. A casual fish in the Pioneer River with the family would be rewarding for whiting, flathead and bream, to be specific yabbies for whiting, whitebait for flathead and fisho gut for bream otherwise bait size prawn will cover all species.

Good Luck.

Bruce Nash

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