QLD Fishing Report

Brought to you by Compleat Angler Mackay:

The long awaited seasonal rain was delivered during the week and it has the crabbers franticly getting their pots set and prawners shaking of the cobwebs on their nets so as to make every cast count. In one 24hr period Sarina to the South had 110mm of rain, you would think that alone would be enough to get things moving. Prior to the rain there was plenty of small prawn in the creeks and as they don’t have a long life it won’t take them long to get to table size. Plane, Rocky Dam Ck, the Dawsons and Cape Palmerston are on the radar while Rocky Dam was sporting some catches of blue salmon as well made on ribbonfish and bait prawn, however many catches were lost to 60cm black tip sharks and hammerheads which seems to be a yearly   thing. We are still pleased to report the spotty mackerel are still being made although the seas haven’t been ideal to reach bag limits. The rock reefs in front of Eimeo is worth a shot with pilchard bait. Spanish mackerel reports continue to surface with Singapore Rock of Keswick Island producing 3 fish around the 15kg size while trolling ribbonfish another mackerel estimated to be 24kg fell victim to sharks leaving the angler only 8kg of head and shoulders to cry over. Young Ryan Meads has been at it again with two pending world and Australian IGFA records for his age group, a 30.64kg GT and a 28kg cobia both caught on 8kg line, what a great effort.

Good Luck!

Bruce Nash

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