QLD Fishing Report

Brought to you by Compleat Angler Mackay:

Smaller tides and reasonable sea conditions made trips off shore comfortable with a wide variety of catches made. With anglers targeting inshore Islands, Brampton down to Bailey and Three Rocks, spotty mackerel dominated catches followed by a mix of cod, trout and trevally. Pilchard bait did the job while some adventurous anglers got their exercise by spinning chrome and hard vibe lures. Interesting to here that the mackerel were still rowed up which tells us that they are feeding before going to the bottom to spawn then back to the surface for a massive feed before moving on, all this will happen in the first couple of weeks in December. With the building tides next week, if you can’t manage an offshore trip, you would be well served to hit the rivers and creeks for mangrove jack, grunter, flathead and whiting. The next couple of days we have metre plus, mid-morning low tides so by getting your bait beforehand, prawns, mullet, herring or yabbies, fish the first couple of hours. If you miss the tide jacks can still be caught on the top, although find a good rock bar or snag in the deepest part of the creek. Yabby beds are notorious for moving locations and one such place was discovered by accident while walking the dog on the Southern end of Illawong Beach. When a not-so-young body is up to his thighs in mud then having to crawl out, it was some spectacle. Tick that one, new yabby bed found. Fishing the dams have been tough lately, lot of rotting weed with water colour dirtier than it should be, water temp around the 27-28 degrees. Rain, rain and more rain will fix everything.

Good Luck!

Bruce Nash

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