QLD Fishing Report

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This weekend sees the first closure (Oct. 28th – Nov. 1st) of this year of the coral reef fin-fish, the second is on Nov. 26th – Nov. 30th which makes all our prized reef fish off limits, refer to Qld. Fisheries website for specific info. We are told that these closures are worked around the 5 days of the new moon cycle thus giving them a chance to spawn, so the alternative during this time is grass emperor (sweetlip),the different mackerel species, queenfish, cod and fingermark can, and will be targeted in the same area. As for the headlands, deep holes in the creek mouths, not that we have too many of those locally, however Glendower Point, Allom Point, Cape Palmerston, Freshwater point and Murray Creek will get you fingermark, jewfish, cod and jacks fished on the mid-range tides then further up the creeks, prawns, crabs, flathead, salmon, cod and bream around the 5m tides while grunter, whiting, bream, salmon and flathead on the smaller tides of the month. The exception is barra, as their closure takes effect as off midday Nov.1st till midday Feb.1st 2017. The freshwater dams are a good backup if you still have the itch to donate some lures for barra. You can take one during closed season, for mine you could throw into the mix all the master chef and MKR type programs and they wouldn’t do justice to a dam caught barra, running freshwater, that’s a different matter. The next 3-4 days get the castnet out for a feed of prawns.

Good Luck.

Bruce Nash

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