QLD Fishing Report

Brought to you by Compleat Angler Mackay:

A good spell of weather is what all fisherman in the North are looking for so as to take full advantage of the in season fish, inshore and offshore. On another note some lure anglers have learnt a valuable lesson in adapting to change. They used the same brand of lure over and over changing colours only with little to no result then coming home telling everyone the fish weren’t on the bite, where as those who changed brands, colours and styles had better results in the same area, that my friends is the difference between an angler and a good angler. Spanish, school and spotty mackerel catches continue to come from the top 3m of water next to current lines with an unweighted herring bait being favoured over pilchards, also be prepared for mack tuna to be mixed with them. Flathead are the main catch in the creeks while luring with 3.5’’ bammers or lunker city grubs. In the dams, sooty grunter will be relieved now the emphasis is back on the barra with the moons in October and November prime times. At the moment working the tree line along the banks on the old creek beds a good place to start. Jackall TN60 and Yakamito vibe doing well at the moment.

Good Luck

Bruce Nash

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