Daiwa S-Extreme Saltist Rods

SALTIST S-EXTREME SJ56-50/80S X.Heavy 150-300g 5’6″/167cm 24 – 37 kg 1 Spin
SALTIST S-EXTREME 64CJS Med.Light 60-120g 6’4″/193cm PE 2-4 1 Spin
SALTIST S-EXTREME 60S Med.Light 120-300g 6’0″/183cm PE 4-6 1 Spin
SALTIST S-EXTREME 70M Medium 20-50g 7’0″/213cm MAX PE 2 1 Spin
SALTIST S-EXTREME 70MH Med.Heavy 30-90g 7’0″/213cm MAX PE 5 2 Spin
SALTIST S-EXTREME SJ82XH Med.Heavy 150-300g 8’0″/244cm PE 6-8 2 Spin
SALTIST S-EXTREME 962HFS Med.Light 50-120g 9’6″/292cm PE 3-5 2 Spin


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The Saltist S-Extreme range from Daiwa brings the best of their technology and the reputation of Fuji components to a rod range perfectly suited to the rigors of heavy saltwater fishing. The S-Extreme name has long been associated with the best of the best, and this range is no different. The Saltist S-Extreme series accepts the challenge and flexes its muscle to intimidate and dominate like only Saltist can.

Rigorously designed and tested, and loaded with the pedigree and features that have made the Saltist name famous this new series has it all. These great rods are perfectly matched with a wide range of our reels from the budget-minded to the super performance. With a wide range of models that suit a wide range of offshore fishing styles there is sure to be a model that suits.