Submission Form

To gain entry to this exclusive and prestigious club you
must first have caught a meter or longer fish
of one the six species:

Kingfish, Snapper, Mulloway / Black Jewfish, Flathead
Barramundi or Murray Cod.

Measure them on an official Compleat Angler fish mat &
take a photo showing the total length from lip to tip of tail.
Once you have the photos, fill out the entry form below
and submit your entry !

Join the Meter Long club

Join the Meter Long Club and upload your first picture to recieve a Compleat Angler species and badge

Personal Details

Catch details

Fish on Compleat Angler

fish mat for verification

Angler holding fish is

also highly encouraged

Fish needs to be one metre or longer

It will be used for the certificate and
the brag gallery on our official website


By completing this form, i acknowledge that the fish described on this form was caught by myself on the date indicated and that the attached image is a genuine photo of the fish.

Purchase your Compleat Angler Fish Mat from any Compleat Angler store.
Photograph your fish on the mat showing total length from lip to tip of tail.

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