Yakamito PX


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The pX artificial jig range which was derived after months of research and testing. Much time on the water has been spent providing the designers with an insight into the secret world of EGI. This proved invaluable and enabled them to create a jig that is irresistible to squid along with being able to withstand their ferocious strikes. The pX was born after a rigorous testing program known as Project-X where colours, designs, weights, barbs and cloths were all put to the challenge, the end result – pX.
The pX model utilises a specially designed Japanese toughened cloth which ensures longevity. A squid’s razor sharp suckers and savage beak tear cloth apart in seconds resulting in deterioration. The pX jig range use a “specially formulated” skin that retains strength and resists major damage.
No jig is complete without precision point barbs to cause maximum penetration when in contact with the soft tentacles of a squid. Yakamito pX jigs are fitted with the latest and sharpest stainless steel barbs available.
The specific weights associated with each jig have been specifically bio-balanced to ensure the correct sink rate. This allows the jigs to have a slower freefall in the strike zone improving the overall productivity of the pX.
If you’re into catching calamari, the Yakamito pX is the next generation in jig warfare.

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